Wanted: Artist of the Month

Wanted: Artists interested in displaying their work at Millville Town Peddler!

Every month we hold a "Artist of the Month" where we display your artwork in our store for a whole month. Now that we have a online store we will be posting your items on the website for that month. We send out press releases to the local newspapers and we advertise on social media sites. It doesn't stop there! We have a "Meet the Artist Day" where people/fans can actually meet you and get to talk to you about your work/process (and of course purchase your artwork).
If any artists are interested in displaying their work for a whole month (for FREE), please email me at: sar012@verizon.net

Please include your contact information, a brief description of yourself and why you do what you do and examples of your artwork. 

Past Artists of the Month

June/July 2017

Macrame Essence - Plant Hangers & Wall Decor | By: Logan Galbreath

Galbreath is a local Delaware self-taught macramé artist going by the name, Macramé Essence. She is an Indian River High School graduate and is presently studying nursing at Beebe School of Nursing. Galbreath works at Grotto’s and models locally. Galbreath enjoys being behind the camera as well as in front of the camera.

Contact Information: Logan Galbreath | (302) 604-9022 | macrameessence@yahoo.com | Instagram: macrameessence

June 2017

Graphic Design Artist | Samantha Reynolds

Reynolds is also a local Delaware artist having recently graduated from Wilmington University with a degree in Digital Publishing. Reynolds is a well-rounded artist specializing in graphic design and photography. Reynolds enjoys applying new elements using a combination of traditional and digital art mediums to portray their creator’s inner vision.

Contact Information: Samantha Reynolds | (302) 604-4883 | sar012@verizon.net | Instagram: sar012

August 2017

 Artist/Illustrator | CJ Oechsle  

Oechsle is a local Delaware artist, who is a graduate of the Smyrna High School’s Class of 2008. He more recently graduated from The Kubert School in Dover, NJ with a certificate in Cartooning and Illustration. Oechsle currently is a freelance comic book artist and he also does commissions, portraits, and character design work. 

Oechsle states, “I draw comics because comic books changed my life. I used to work a normal 9-5 job, and I hated every moment of it. I began reading comics at the age of 21, and I realized I could use my talent to reach thousands of people. I'd like to use that platform to share a message of hope to our troubled world.”

Contact Information: CJ Oechsle | (302) 359-8582 | cj@cjoech.com | www.cjoech.com

September 2017

Artist/Illustrator | Jeff Middleton

Middleton is a local self-taught Millville artist, who was mesmerized at an early age by Frank Frazetta’s imagery – brooding barbarians, feral beasts of many kinds and potently sexual women.  His works have maintained their impact and thrived where others floundered.  “I stay stoked,” says Middleton opening a Frazetta book.  “It’s pure magic.” Frazetta’s character the Death Dealer made him 1976 Artist of the Year in American Artist Magazine, as well as the Jaguar God and Conan the Barbarian.  Stop in and see Jeff’s interpretation of works of art in pencil, ink and magic marker.  Also enjoy Middleton’s new found interest in watercolor.